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What type of wood and laminates should you use in your home interiors?

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

We live in a world where we have abundance of materials to get the job done, but what we really need to realise is the usage of the space.

Just to give you a better idea......... let's dive into the topic of usage.

- You should decide on the usage first !

If your usage is heavy and needs more load carrying then you should definitely use real wood or plywood. But if the furniture is pretty much for show purpose you should use MDF or HDF (furniture such as TV Unit, Wall shelving, side tables etc.). For Kitchen or Bathroom vanity where you have contact with moisture or direct water you can use BWP or BWR ply or simply you can use WPC boards if your budget is low. Again, using the right material is Interior designer’s job.

Laminates and veneers is somewhere mostly people get stuck by choosing the wrong options ! let us give you a little glimpse to solve that as well....

Laminates are form of finishing and can be used as per liking. For area with high usage like kitchen/ wardrobes…You can use acrylic finishes or if your budget is good then you can go with lacquered glass too.

Normal wood laminates are commonly available and have variety of designs and colors. You can choose from that if you are looking for more budget friendly approach.

Well aren't you thinking "that's a little too much? " ; No way

Apart from that you can use PVC laminates too. They are waterproof and come in lot of variations. There are few more finishes like Duco paint, PU polish etc.

To be honest if materials are used right you can achieve great results.


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