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10 ways to reflect your taste in your home interiors

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Well you have been spending most of the time at your home since the pandemic struck and the ,majority of the people have been wondering if their personality gets reflected in their home interiors or not!

If that's what you are thinking, we have 10 ways for you to reflect your personality onto your interior selection.

Tech savvy

"You have lots of automation and electronic equipment/ appliances at home."

If you're a person who has a keen interest in the emerging tech products with automations as the key aspect. you should enquire with interior designers for creative ways of using the automations for daily task and mainstream usages.


Most of your walls are covered with rustic and grungy finishes. Basically you are not very into moulds and motifs; Most of your stuff is plain and textures speak for themselves.

Down to earth

You have lots of natural materials like wood, stone, marbles etc. You don’t go shy with the usage of more grounded look.


You have high-polished stuff at your home. You are never bored with glossy surfaces along with crystal lighting chandeliers and pendants.

Nature Lover

Whenever friends come over and they bring gifts to you and all of them are different types of plants. Because they know you love them. Bring nature closer to you with Indoor/outdoor plants and mini zen gardens.


You are big on collecting stuff may it be an antique piece or a table piece collected in an auction at red fort. The stuff always need room while designing interiors. This should be your first choice while designing your home.


Bring in your creativity along with more creative people. Always use self made art or installation that can be the centre of attraction in a space. The love of designer patterns should reflect throughout the home making it a theme rather than a repetitive element.

Mr./Ms. La Fleur

All or most of the fabrics and curtains contain floral printing. You are into botanical stuff and like all the natural shapes near you.


You have lots of photographs and frames on your walls. So much so that you don’t require wall textures and panels.


Your living room furniture reveals how social you are. My friend who likes to invite people on weekends has an L-shaped sofa with accent chairs and pouffes, ottomans and multiple coffee tables.

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